They must be provided with caution though, as puppies are more at risk of swallowing objects. This way none of the hunted animal goes to waste. You can also buy reindeer antlers, which are very similar to deer antlers, apart from the fact that they can also be harvested from females as well as males. Are Deer Antlers Unpleasant to Have in the House? Butylated hydroxytoluene, ascorbyl palmitate, ethoxyquin…huh??? Antlers are a healthy and stimulating treat for your dog to sink their teeth into. Our Antos Antlers are from red deer, much of which is from Scottish highland herds, and have simply been cleaned (with no chemicals) and cut to various sizes/weights for dogs to chew on. Q.Which antlers are best for dogs? Give 'em a try! What to Do If Your Dog Doesn't Seem to Like Antlers? North Idaho Antler Dogs updated 12/28/2020 “Shed Antler Hunting Trainees” I take pride in offering some of the finest shed antler hunting dogs around. If the dog isn't interested in antler, place the antler in water overnight in your fridge. Especially in the U.S., where there is a ready supply of animals which grow antlers. You can select an antler shape that you think would be best for your dog. Towards the end of their growth, the blood flow stops and the antler mineralises, ready to impress females and fight off competing males. If you haven't already, I hope you'll shop with us and join the Pawstruck Pack! The wonderful thing about antlers is that they are none of these. Our. We are an East Coast company, based out of New Jersey. $20.00. I have been specializing specifically in shed antler hunting dogs, with my own special training techniques, for over twelve years now. Wild-shed antlers, or antlers that animals in the deer family lose naturally with age and seasons, can be dangerous for your dog. Kip and Twiggy’s LTD. However, the lifespan of our antler for dogs will depend on how aggressive your pet is with her chewing. Deer antlers are best if you have active, ferocious chewers, including some puppies. Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, A Guide to Buffalo Horns for Dogs (by Jo the Vet), A Guide to Pigs Ears for Dogs (by Jo the Vet). These minerals are vital for keeping bones and muscles strong. Home » A Guide to Deer Antlers for Dogs (by Jo the Vet). These small pieces are completely safe for dogs to eat and are completely digestible. Plus, they are packed with nutrients! They offer regular deer and elk antler chews, but one of our favorites is their split elk antler chews. Company No. All of the dogs for sale on this site come from proven shed antler hunting lines and have been specifically selected to be not only great antler dogs, but also come from some of the best "field trial" lines available. Each dog will be different, of course, but fans of antlers typically see them as good value. Perfect Pet Chews - Deer Antler Dog Chew - Grade A, All Natural, Organic, and Long Lasting Treats - … £2.00. NOW Available in 5 Flavors!! are made of only the finest ingredients nature has to offer. Artificial ingredients were in everything, and the scientific jargon was overwhelming. We haven’t researched the best places to buy them yet so apologies but we can’t advise. After all, you don’t want something your dog could choke on. This can result in sicknesses like diarrhea for your dog. Most dental treats on the market are either full of calories, or brittle and can break off in your dog’s mouth. Are deer antlers safe for dogs?A. Whether you’re a longtime purchaser of deer antlers for dogs or are considering deer and elk antlers for the first time, you’re in the right place! Choosing the right deer antler for dogs can be tough, but we’re dedicated to making it easy with our handy antler sizing guide. Then you should dry the antler by using a blow dryer or a blow dryer. But my dog, who must be part T. rex in his ancestral heritage, was more than happy to chomp the antler. North American deer antler or elk dog antlers are large and rarely chip, split, or splinter, so they can survive a lot of chewing without harming your dog. Moose antler is also available but because it is so flat it does not make an ideal dog chew. It’s a fun challenge for dogs to gnaw the edges of the antler to get at the marrow For those worried about their pup’s teeth, I recommend starting with a “soft” core. We currently offer more than 50 products all made from all natural shed antler. Deer antlers and other hooved mammal horns are an all-natural dog chew treat that serves as a tooth-cleaning alternative to natural and synthetic dog bones. So, deer antlers have become a bit of controversial topic. In my own experience I’ve had one friend tell me their dog cracked a tooth as well. Packing the strongest dose (500mg) of deer velvet, this supplement will help your dog feel rejuvenated. *FREE* shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service!